Redcloud is Gunnison's best shot at addressing the youth mental health crisis.

From our roots: Peer Support.

Sometimes, our friends are our only source of support.

Peer support is the single most effective tool we have to solve this crisis. We must be able to use it; and we must be able to use it correctly.


A new age in mental health: the Redcloud Early Detection System.

Learn to READ people; look for Routines, Emotions, and Display.

By teaching students to READ, we can multiply the amount of eyes and ears looking out for signs of mental unwellness.


Embracing tomorrow: Mental Health First Aid Kits.

Progress begins with crazy ideas.

With tomorrow's technology and today's ingenuity, we can make mental health resources more available.


A little bit of self care: the Redcloud Educational Unit.

We're breathing new life into an old program.

The REU is all about teaching ourselves how to be mindful, as well as how to be better friends.